Another horrible murder for NaNo

I can’t stop writing about crime. What’s wrong with me?

apprentice-gif-500Yesterday, I sat down to write the first draft of another short, short story of 1,000 words. My structure was very simple and the story brutally brief.

An old and fading photographer takes on a young man as an apprentice with a view to partnership. But that was 10 years ago, and the young man is still doing all the menial work, carrying all the heavy equipment… and he’s feeling pretty fed up. Continue reading “Another horrible murder for NaNo”

Eleven things I don’t remember

Day 16 of NaNo and 11 things I don’t remember

No, I’m not losing my memory.
It’s the title of my latest story.

At only 700 words, it’s a very short story, again written with a Writing Magazine competition in mind.

The inspiration was a wonderful novel written by Joe Brainard, called simply, I Remember, in which every paragraph begins with the words…  ‘I remember’. Continue reading “Eleven things I don’t remember”

Day 13 and it better be WATERTIGHT

A romantic trip in a small boat is a strange choice, when your wife can’t swim.

Just another drowning in paradise

Ruth Livingstone writes another short story about MurderThis was yesterday’s NaNoWriMo piece and it’s set on a Caribbean island where Mr Palmer-Smith is taking his wife out in a small boat for a romantic picnic.

It’s a strange choice, since his wife is afraid of water because she can’t swim.

This is another one of those stories that’s been simmering in my head for some time. There were a number of different ways I could have told it. Continue reading “Day 13 and it better be WATERTIGHT”


An unreliable narrator and stolen money…

unreliable narrators in a short story, Ruth LivingstoneOh yes, there is nothing more intriguing than a narrator who leads you up the garden path.

Or, in this case, down to Ward 4, where cash is mysteriously going missing.

This was one of those short stories where I started out with a voice in my head and a vague idea that it would involve theft in a medical setting. I started writing, and the story simply wrote itself. Continue reading “Unreliable”

Blood sample

Horror story with a medical themeblood donating - writing a horror story

You are a penniless student, desperately in debt, and, just when you think things couldn’t get worse, your landlord threatens you with eviction.

What do you do?

You sell your blood to a private clinic, of course.

But, if an offer seems far too good to be true… it probably isn’t a good idea to take it up. Continue reading “Blood sample”