Time for a fairy tale?

Catching up with NaNo Day 23

Wrote a short story yesterday. 1,700 words.

A modern-day fairy tale about a little princess who lives in a palace with no mirrors, and is blissfully happy, until… one day… she discovers the monster in the garden.

Posting an update on my 5 year goal and November progress soon, and then must get on with day 25 of NaNoWriMo and my next short story. Continue reading “Time for a fairy tale?”

Monks and relics

Brother of the Sack

When a travelling monk seeks refuge in a monastery, he doesn’t expect to be accused of the theft of a precious holy relic.

Luckily, Brother Benjamin is blessed with a sharp mind and cleverly uncovers the real thief.

This #30days30shorts story was inspired by an information board overlooking a local field. It describes how an ancient priory once stood on the site, which housed the Friars of the Sack. Sadly, nothing much is known about the vanished priory, nor the monks who lived there. Continue reading “Monks and relics”

Bags and bags and bags

Bag – Upload – Cheese


The task?
To weave these three words into a story:
1) bag
2) upload
3) cheese

I don’t like shopping, so collecting handbags has no appeal for me, but I read a newspaper article about a woman who went on a shoplifting spree and stole hundreds of designer bags, which she then put up for sale on the Internet. Turning this into a fiction piece allowed me to use two of the words above. Continue reading “Bags and bags and bags”

Day 13 and it better be WATERTIGHT

A romantic trip in a small boat is a strange choice, when your wife can’t swim.

Just another drowning in paradise

Ruth Livingstone writes another short story about MurderThis was yesterday’s NaNoWriMo piece and it’s set on a Caribbean island where Mr Palmer-Smith is taking his wife out in a small boat for a romantic picnic.

It’s a strange choice, since his wife is afraid of water because she can’t swim.

This is another one of those stories that’s been simmering in my head for some time. There were a number of different ways I could have told it. Continue reading “Day 13 and it better be WATERTIGHT”

A black day

A story about a wall. Day 9 on 9/11

The building of a Wall. Mexico.

I was planning to write a funny short story today, but woke to hear the news and didn’t feel in the mood for humour. So wrote a short piece about building a wall instead.

Ironically, one of the short stories I was planning to write this month for NaNoWriMo was a dystopian fantasy. It had the following plot: Trump loses the election in the USA, comes to the UK, becomes leader of UKIP, and wins the 2020 election over here. Continue reading “A black day”