Countryfile Magazine: Natural Adventures

Getting back to nature…

My piece on my long-distance walking expedition is printed in a special edition of Countryfile Magazine, the mag that accompanies the BBC’s successful TV series.

This issue is dedicated to the theme ‘Back to Nature’ and the article is their headline feature in the Natural Adventures section. Accompanying the prose are some photos that feature the stunning scenery of Anglesey, and a very windswept author! Continue reading “Countryfile Magazine: Natural Adventures”

Countryfile magazine: Coastal Wonders

Having your work published is always a thrill.

Really thrilled to have a short piece accepted and published in the August edition of BBC Countryfile Magazine, for a special feature on ‘Coastal Wonders’.

Ruth Livingstone, published article, Countryfile Magazine

I wrote about the magical island of Ynys Llanddwyn, Anglesey, a place that nobody outside Anglesey seems to have heard of. My visit was memorable for two reasons:

  1. The island has a fairytale, ethereal beauty.
  2. And because I ended up falling into a water-filled ditch.

You can read all about my trip on the blog.

Having your work published is always a thrill, but is doubly exciting when it’s in a prestigious publication such as Countryfile Magazine.

Letter published: Writing Magazine

Hijacked by your characters

I had a letter published in Writing Magazine. It was the first time I had written into the magazine and I did so in response to another reader’s comments: describing how their characters had hijacked the novel and changed the story.

My letter describes my similar experience when I sat down to write The Reluctant Scribe. It’s only a small item in my publication history, but every one is significant.