Eleven things I don’t remember

Day 16 of NaNo and 11 things I don’t remember

No, I’m not losing my memory.
It’s the title of my latest story.

At only 700 words, it’s a very short story, again written with a Writing Magazine competition in mind.

The inspiration was a wonderful novel written by Joe Brainard, called simply, I Remember, in which every paragraph begins with the words…  ‘I remember’. Continue reading “Eleven things I don’t remember”

Six Word Memoir

My micro-flash memoir was featured on the Six Word site. A small success but, still, a success.

cheeringLet’s celebrate the small successes!
I’ve been so bound up in the editing of my Tang Dynasty novel , I have hardly done anything else since the New Year. And both my blog posting and my short story writing have dried up completely.
But recently my micro-flash memoir was featured on the Six Word site. A small success but, still, a success.

My 6 word memoir is here and, don’t worry, it won’t take long to read. It’s only six words, dammit.

The Cement Delivery

The Six Minute prompt was a weird photo of a truck and a construction project on the edge of a lake. After a few seconds of peering, I made out a biblical quotation. I groaned. The seconds were ticking away. What was I going to do with this?

A game of chance, fiction on Ruthless Scribblings When I visit the Six Minute Story site, I always choose a random prompt. This is like a dice game. I have no idea what Lady Luck will throw my way.

Once the prompt appears, I have six minutes exactly of frantic typing until I am locked out of the text box and can write no more. Continue reading “The Cement Delivery”

Erotic Fiction (for aliens)

A transdimensional library? This idea seems totally bonkers to me too – but imagine a library with its shelves filled with books – books that have never existed and have yet to be written.

Library  I have two pieces published on the Eggplant Literary Productions site in the section they call Miscellanea: The Transdimensional Library.

1. Excerpt from Erotic Fiction.
2. 101 tips for a Great Transplanetary Workshop Continue reading “Erotic Fiction (for aliens)”