Another November, another Nano month

Ruth Livingstone, writer, author and bloggerI love NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is the crazy month when thousands of writers, all around the world, sit down and write furiously, in the hope of penning a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days.

2015 and 2016 were excellent years in NaNo land

In 2015, I wrote a sci-fi, young adult, adventure story for NaNo. This book (Quantum Circle) also formed the basis of the final year assignment for my Birkbeck degree. Since then, the Quantum Circle has changed its name to the The Orbital Contract, and is currently undergoing its 4th major edit. I am planning to publish it in the new year.

Last year, I used NaNo month to write a series of short stories. 30 shorts in 30 days. It was very satisfying, but exhausting, to create 30 new stories. Some of them I’ve since submitted to competitions, but I’m sad to report that none of them were winners!

Ruth Livingstone, writer, author and bloggerSo what am I doing this year for NaNo?

This year, I’m writing a sequel to The Orbital Contract, provisionally entitled The Quantum Contract. I’m a little behind in my word count, because I spent most of yesterday re-writing an outline, and most of today messing about with a website to accompany the books.

Yes, procrastination is my middle name!

The website is still in its infancy, but is up here: The Enforcers Hub


October Writing Update: editing progress

Still working on that final, final draft.

It’s time to post an update on my writing for the 5 Year Project Do You Have Goals? blog hop. My goal is to write a novel (done) and get it published (working on it).

I’ve just finished editing chapter four of the final, final draft of the Orbital Contract. Feel ashamed not to have finished the whole novel by now, but I’ve been busy with the new grandbaby, dog walking, and enjoying Manchester. Continue reading “October Writing Update: editing progress”

September update: mostly moving

Ruth Livingstone, writer, author and bloggerBad Month for Writing

Oh, no! It’s time for the 5 Year Project monthly update.

Sadly, I’ve not achieved much over the past two months, from the point of view of writing. Family and life events have taken all my attention. Continue reading “September update: mostly moving”

August update: the final draft

I am taking part in the 5 Year Project, and my aim is to get a novel written and published.

As regular readers know, I have partly succeeded, because I have written two novels. The first one is historical fiction, set in the Tang Dynasty, China. Sadly the novel remains unpublished. I have been unable to get an agent interested, despite good feedback. Either agents don’t “feel passionate” or it’s “not the type of thing we’re looking for.” Continue reading “August update: the final draft”

Guest blogs. Are they worth doing?

What I’ve learnt from writing guest posts for other people.

This year I’ve written three guest blogs, and contributed a small section to a fourth one. I thought it would be useful to reflect on the process and consider what value, if any, came from writing these pieces. The posts were all based on my coastal walking adventures, but covered a number of different topics:

  • Wales: as seen through the eyes of a “foreigner”.
  • Solo walking: why more women don’t do it, and why they should.
  • Challenges: setting your own.
  • Footpaths: their importance and why I value them.

Continue reading “Guest blogs. Are they worth doing?”