Writing in November: update day

Ruth Livingstone's goal is to write and publish and novel

Seems wrong to be writing this so long before the end of the month, but the last Friday of November has arrived. Actually, it’s been and gone, and I’m late in posting this, and that sort of sums up my life at the moment.

How’s my NaNoWriMo novel going?

Frustratingly I’m still behind the target word count, although I am slowly catching up. Usually I’m well ahead by this stage of NaNoWriMo. But, I’m not despondent.

  • The story I’m writing is actually making sense.
  • I’m sticking to the outline plan – the one I wasted spent the first two days of the month putting together
  • I’m optimistic I’ll finish the 50,000 words in time.
  • And I’ve written 37,000 words already, which is 37,000 more than on the 1st of November!

Ruth Livingstone, writer, author and bloggerWhat’s slowing me down? This is the second novel in a sci-if series, and so I find I must keep rereading and checking facts from the first novel.

Interestingly, I often read passages from the first novel and realise I have no conscious recollection of writing certain events in the story at all!

I guess that’s what they mean when they say that sometimes stories write themselves. Or, perhaps I’m developing early dementia…?

Ruth Livingstone, writer, author and bloggerOn a more gloomy note, the host of this ‘Do you have Goals?’ blog hop, Misha, is having some serious personal difficulties, and that means these updates may lose their momentum. It is Misha’s gentle reminders that force me to post my monthly round ups. I hope her absence is only temporary, I hope she finds a way out of her current troubles, and I hope our little writing community will continue.

How is everybody else’s writing going?










Author: Ruth Livingstone

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2 thoughts on “Writing in November: update day”

  1. Hey Ruth! I’m glad that you’re making progress. And no, I don’t think the lack of conscious awareness of what you wrote is a bad thing. It happens in my writing to, and I do actually find those surprise tidbits incredibly useful later on.

    Also, the good news is that I’m back. Check your email. X


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