Walking the English Coast

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Walking the English Coast

Walking the English Coast, a beginner's guid, author Ruth Livingstone

If I can turn from a couch potato into an experienced long-distance walker, anybody can.

A comprehensive ‘how to’ guide – a 250-page coffee-table book – for newcomers to the world of long-distance walking. This is the essential book for those who want to walk around the coast.

  • Beautifully illustrated with full colour photographs.
  • Well laid out with plenty of white space and box inserts.
  • Professionally edited.
  • Packed with top tips and useful resources.
  • With a lovely cover that says it all.

So proud to see it up on Amazon, with a smattering of excellent reviews and a  significant number of sales.

“A beautifully written book with great top tips for first time/inexperienced walkers intertwined with some fantastic stories and humour!”

Inside photograph (400x285)

The Shed

THE SHED - jpg thumbnailFour twisted stories…

At the end of September 2016 I independently published this 48-page booklet which contains four of my short stories.

Three of these stories had been published previously in journals and one of them – The Shed – won first prize in a Writing Magazine competition.

I asked the talented Lizzi Wakelin to illustrate the booklet and had the text professionally edited. The cover, including the typographical layout, I designed myself.

“Brilliant collection of short stories, expertly written. Ruth has a great sense of humour!”

The Shed is available as a paperback and as a Kindle verison, both on Amazon.co.uk.

Now all I need are some more reviews to boost sales!