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  1. Hi Ruth, just read you blog re walk from Ingoldmills to Sutton on sea in Lincolnshire. Really helpful and the photos help a lot. I have a holiday home in Anderby Creek and use a off road mobility scooter, I have been as far as the other side of the wooded area at the end of sandy lane but no further. Is the rest of the route through to Sutton accessible to mobility scooter, the 1 I use is designed for rough terrain. Any info would be appreciated, I have found your site to be so helpful. Many Thanks


    1. Hi Tracey, what a lovely place to have a holiday home! You *might* be able to continue all the way to Sutton on Sea from Sandy Lane, but after the woods the sand is deep in places and I wonder if your scooter might get bogged down. Then, after the car park, there is a narrow path which might be too narrow for your scooter (I’m having trouble remembering the details). This path soon becomes a track and that should be OK. Once you’re on the promenade/cycle-way it is tarmac all to way to Sutton on Sea, but you might have a problem with soft sand again if the track is covered in it. Sorry, not very helpful! Best wishes, Ruth


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