Another horrible murder for NaNo

I can’t stop writing about crime. What’s wrong with me?

apprentice-gif-500Yesterday, I sat down to write the first draft of another short, short story of 1,000 words. My structure was very simple and the story brutally brief.

An old and fading photographer takes on a young man as an apprentice with a view to partnership. But that was 10 years ago, and the young man is still doing all the menial work, carrying all the heavy equipment… and he’s feeling pretty fed up.

Of course, the story came out far longer than I anticipated at 1,560 words, but I’m sure I can lose some during the editing stage.

This was story number 17 of my NaNoWriMo writing challenge #30days30shorts.

Today is day 18, and I have no idea what I’m going to write. Might have to find a random prompt.

In the meantime, I’m supposed to be finishing a piece commissioned by a local magazine. Non-fiction this time. Another article on coastal walking!

Author: Ruth Livingstone

Walker, writer, photographer, blogger, doctor, woman, etc.

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