Writing Successes: celebration

cheering on Ruth Livingstone writerTwo little successes this week.

You must forgive me for some moderate boasting, but it seems I have been trudging through a writing desert recently. When I come across the occasional waterhole, please don’t blame me for wanting to linger in its shade and enjoy the view.

This week I had both a letter published and, much more importantly, a short story chosen to appear on a website.

1. A letter published

I had a letter published in Writing Magazine. Yes, it is only a letter, but it is my letter, written by me, and something the editor thinks other people might enjoy reading. Continue reading “Writing Successes: celebration”

Letter published: Writing Magazine

Hijacked by your characters

I had a letter published in Writing Magazine. It was the first time I had written into the magazine and I did so in response to another reader’s comments: describing how their characters had hijacked the novel and changed the story.

My letter describes my similar experience when I sat down to write The Reluctant Scribe. It’s only a small item in my publication history, but every one is significant.

Six Word Memoir

My micro-flash memoir was featured on the Six Word site. A small success but, still, a success.

cheeringLet’s celebrate the small successes!
I’ve been so bound up in the editing of my Tang Dynasty novel , I have hardly done anything else since the New Year. And both my blog posting and my short story writing have dried up completely.
But recently my micro-flash memoir was featured on the Six Word site. A small success but, still, a success.

My 6 word memoir is here and, don’t worry, it won’t take long to read. It’s only six words, dammit.

Letter published: BMA News Review

Two weeks ago I opened the BMA News Review* and read an anguished opinion piece written by a doctor. She had just discovered nits in the hair of her young children and she did what many busy working-mums do: she blamed herself.

Corner of Ruth Livingstone letterSometimes we do something on the spur of the moment and it has unexpected consequences.

I won a prize!

Last week I opened and e-mail and discovered I had won £50 of books.

Included in the e-mail was a list of titles, all Random House publications, from which I could make a selection. I wasn’t too upset that the majority of the books seemed to be about cookery. It was an unexpected and wonderful surprise!

What had I done to deserve Continue reading “Letter published: BMA News Review”