Five Year Project: August update

In a few days time I’ll be selling Walking the English Coast on Amazon, as a re-seller, and signed copies will be available!

do you have goals

I’m taking part in Misha and Beth’s Five Year Project and my five-year goal is to write a novel and get it published.

Forget the novel! Today I have some great news!

Walking the English Coast: a Beginner’s Guide, is published.

At long last, you might say. And it does seem I’ve been working on it for ages.

Front cover,600The book is now available as a glossy paperback, published with the help of I_AM publishing, who have been working patiently with me for many months.

  • It’s 246 pages long
  • Contains over 30 photos and illustrations
  • A chunky 7″ x 10″ size (18cm x 25cm approx.)
  • And costs a mere GBP 14.99 (USD 32.99)

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Countryfile magazine: Coastal Wonders

Having your work published is always a thrill.

Really thrilled to have a short piece accepted and published in the August edition of BBC Countryfile Magazine, for a special feature on ‘Coastal Wonders’.

Ruth Livingstone, published article, Countryfile Magazine

I wrote about the magical island of Ynys Llanddwyn, Anglesey, a place that nobody outside Anglesey seems to have heard of. My visit was memorable for two reasons:

  1. The island has a fairytale, ethereal beauty.
  2. And because I ended up falling into a water-filled ditch.

You can read all about my trip on the blog.

Having your work published is always a thrill, but is doubly exciting when it’s in a prestigious publication such as Countryfile Magazine.

The unexpected downside of an ISBN number.

I dipped a toe into the murky pond of self-publishing a few months ago.

My aim? Not to sell a book, but to see how easy – or how hard – it was to convert a document into a printed book, using Amazon’s CreateSpace service.

Soggy Socks cover of booklet by Ruth LivingstoneThe final result is a 36 page non-fiction booklet of 8,000 words, based on one of my walking experiences. Soggy Socks is not a masterpiece. But it’s OK. As I said, my aim wasn’t to sell any copies, but to experiment with the process.

I did order a single copy for myself.
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