Writing Successes: celebration

cheering on Ruth Livingstone writerTwo little successes this week.

You must forgive me for some moderate boasting, but it seems I have been trudging through a writing desert recently. When I come across the occasional waterhole, please don’t blame me for wanting to linger in its shade and enjoy the view.

This week I had both a letter published and, much more importantly, a short story chosen to appear on a website.

1. A letter published

I had a letter published in Writing Magazine. Yes, it is only a letter, but it is my letter, written by me, and something the editor thinks other people might enjoy reading. This was the first time I had written into the magazine and I did so in response to another reader’s comments: describing how their characters had hijacked the novel and changed the story.

My letter describes my similar experience when I sat down to write The Reluctant Scribe.

Ruth Livingstone's short story appears on Hubbub writing website
2. A short story published

‘Being Tim’ was published on The Writer’s Hub. This is the same story that appeared in the 44 Square: anthology of new fiction, and I am delighted to see it is now on the website.

It really is an honour to appear here, because the quality of the pieces selected by the Writer’s Hub editorial team is very high.

Short story on the Hubbub site, author Ruth Livingstone.

Author: Ruth Livingstone

Walker, writer, photographer, blogger, doctor, woman, etc.

4 thoughts on “Writing Successes: celebration”

  1. Hi Ruth. My magazine came yesterday, and I saw your name, wondering if it was you. From reading the letter, I knew it was, and had to come over and say, ‘well done.’ It’s a success in writing, and a great achievement. Also, that writing hub looks a good place.. will go and read your story when I come back from town in an hour or so. Keep up the good work… pleased for you. xx


  2. Well done, Ruth. I’d be equally excited if I had a letter published so please don’t apologise for sharing your good news. Those of us who write ourselves know how competitive today’s world is! And anyway, other writers’ successes help to spur the rest of us on! When we’re not hiking, that is! Love your blogs, by the way. 🙂


  3. Well done, Ruth. That’s great news. I shall look out for both. And a bit of boasting does you good, I say!


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