15K in May: Four writing days left.

Will I complete the writing challenge of 15k in May? My total word count so far comes as a surprise. I didn’t realise I was doing so well.

15K in May LogoWhere has this month gone? With four days left, I am struggling to complete my 15 thousand words by the end of May.

A long, glorious, bank holiday weekend interrupted the flow. I went down to Cornwall and continued my epic walk around the coast of the UK.

Today I have added another 1,150 words Continue reading “15K in May: Four writing days left.”

15K in May: writing under pressure

Writing Towards 15 Thousand Words

15K in May Logo

  1. Crime fiction (Birkbeck assignment) = 999 words, after editing.
  2. Ruthless Scribbling blog posts = 819 words
  3. Ruthless Reading blog post = 467 words
  4. Ruth’s Coastal Walk blog posts = 4,377 words
  5. Historic fiction (Birkbeck assignment) = 993 words, before final edit
  6. Total = 7,655 words

Here is my latest progress meter. This one is courtesy of Word Meter on Critique Circle.

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15K in May: steaming ahead with my writing!

15KinMay - fan

Writing progress this month

  • Crime fiction (Birkbeck assignment) = 999 words, after editing.
  • Ruthless Scribbling blog post = 664 words
  • Ruth’s Coastal Walk blog post = 1768
  • Ruth’s Coastal Walk blog post (yesterday) = 1252
  • Ruth’s Coastal Walk blog post (today) = 1357

Total = 6,040 words
I won’t be writing tomorrow as I’m running a workshop in London, followed by my evening class at Birkbeck. Let’s see what I do on Friday!

15K in May: catching up with my walking blog

I spent the bank holiday weekend walking the coast in Cornwall. The weather was surprisingly good and I walked all day, every day. As a result I did very little writing.

15K in May, Ruth Livingstone, writing challengeI am using the 15KinMay challenge as an opportunity to catch up with my walking blog. I walk at a faster pace than my write-ups  and, for those who know how fast I walk, you will realise that means my write-ups are produced very slowly indeed. I am always a few days behind.

Why so slow? For each walk I’ve completed, my first task is to sort out the photographs – and I take a great many photographs. Then I have the pleasure of thinking back on the walk Continue reading “15K in May: catching up with my walking blog”