15K in May: Four writing days left.

Will I complete the writing challenge of 15k in May? My total word count so far comes as a surprise. I didn’t realise I was doing so well.

15K in May LogoWhere has this month gone? With four days left, I am struggling to complete my 15 thousand words by the end of May.

A long, glorious, bank holiday weekend interrupted the flow. I went down to Cornwall and continued my epic walk around the coast of the UK.

Today I have added another 1,150 words on my Coastal Walk blog. This completes the account of my last weekend in Cornwall. After I have written up my latest trek, I will have brought my walking blog completely up to date. Hooray!

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Update on my word count.

  • Crime fiction (Birkbeck assignment) = 999 words, after editing.
  • Ruthless Scribbling blog posts = 1,224 words
  • Ruthless Reading blog post = 467 words
  • Ruth’s Coastal Walk blog posts = 8,714 words
  • Historic fiction (Birkbeck assignment) = 1033 words

Total = 12,437 words

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15k in May: have I really written so much?

My total word count so far comes as a surprise. I didn’t realise I was doing so well. Yes, OK, I did add the words of my last article on this blog – Ruthless Scribblings – although I haven’t included the words of this post. Hopefully over the next 3 days I will manage another 1,600 words and will have completed my challenge of 15K in May.

spacer - Ruth Livingstone - writer

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