10 ways to get a girlfriend?

Time for some light relief…

Yoga forms the basis of this short story by Ruth LivingstoneIt’s day ten of NaNoWriMo and #30days30shorts of story writing. (And, yes, I should have posted this yesterday.)

Question: What do you do if you realise you’re too boring to attract a girlfriend?

Answer: Find some new hobbies, the sort women enjoy.

So far, the main love of Jimmy’s  life has been football, but on Valentine’s Day he decides it’s time to find a girlfriend. So he consults his friend, Monica, who advises Jimmy to take up new hobbies to attract girls.

I intended to explore ten different hobbies Jimmy might take up, but this was far too ambitious for one short story and – 1,700 words into the piece – I decided I better settle for three.

Will Jimmy succeed in his quest to find love? Not by taking up Bikram yoga, that’s for sure!

Author: Ruth Livingstone

Walker, writer, photographer, blogger, doctor, woman, etc.

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