NaNoWriMo 2016

ants30 Days and 30 Short Stories

This is my 6th year of participation in the annual frenzy of writing, called NaNoWriMo. And I’ve done pretty well so far.

  • 4 novels drafted
  • 1 novel (of the four) actually finished
  • 1 year of NaNo rebellion, when I drafted my non-fiction walking book
  • Publication of my non-fiction walking book, Walking the English Coast

What am I doing this year?

I’m a NaNo rebel again.
Yes, I will be writing 50,000 words. But, no, I’m not writing a novel.
Instead I’m writing a short story every day. That’s 30 days of 30 shorts. #30days30shorts

Will I do it? Pretty sure I will.

First story, first draft, finished today. A horror story about killer ants. Yay!!!!


Author: Ruth Livingstone

Walker, writer, photographer, blogger, doctor, woman, etc.

5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2016”

    1. Hi Marie.
      A road map? Sort of… I have several short story ideas rattling around in my head, and the killer ants story was one of those. I also have the 12 Writing Magazine themes for their short story competitions scheduled in 2017. And a notebook with several ideas jotted down. If I run out of inspiration, I’ll head over to the Six Minute Story site and follow one of their prompts.

      By the way, are you going to the East Midlands writing conference in Nottingham in March? If so, it would be lovely to meet up there. Seems ages since we met!


    1. I’m only getting the first drafts down, Elizabeth, and I don’t know how many I’ll work up to be publishable, but I definitely need to increase the store of short stories I have available for comps and submissions.


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