Non-Fiction anthology coming soon!

46 Square 2015 journal of non-fiction

As part of my Birkbeck studies, I am involved in publishing a collection of non-fiction stories, in a journal.

The journal is called 46 Square
and will be released on the 4th June.

Here is the provisional artwork for the cover, which I think looks great.

The aim of this module is to give us an insight into the world of publishing, including the job of production manager, editor, art director, copy-editor, proof reader, etc.

My role? Webmaster and blogger, of course!

If you want to follow our progress, please follow our blog: 46 Square: creative non-fiction.

Reading and choosing submissions has been fun. I’ve learnt how difficult it is to reject pieces. Some of the pieces we rejected were beautifully written, but not quite what we were looking for.

So now, I’ve been on the rejection process from the other side. Will it make me more sanguine about my own rejections? I’m not sure. Wait and see.

Author: Ruth Livingstone

Walker, writer, photographer, blogger, doctor, woman, etc.

7 thoughts on “Non-Fiction anthology coming soon!”

    1. It’s turning out to be quite a stressful process. But that is mainly due to limited time scales and the difficulty of organising something via email- although we do meet once a week.


  1. Doesn’t it help to get to be on the selection side of the inbox? You realize just how subjective it is and how much competition there is out there. Makes me feel less sting when I get my own rejections.


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