Brickbats and Bouquets…

Sometimes good things happen when you least expect them.

Let’s start with the bouquets

Recently I received two lovely compliments.


Firstly, Winfields Outdoors contacted me. They’ve listed my coastal walking blog (  as one of the best outdoor blogs of 2017. They even gave me a nifty little badge to display.

You can see the full listing on Winfields’ website. Continue reading “Brickbats and Bouquets…”

FOUR things a Twitter beginner MUST do.

Get off to a great start on Twitter with my 4 simple tips.

(1) Get rid of the egg

Seriously.  Who wants to interact with an unborn chicken?

Keeping the Twitter egg as your profile photo will make you look like a complete beginner or, even worse, give the impression you are a scammer or a troll.

Replace the egg with a personal profile picture. It’s simple to do and will make a huge difference to the number of followers you collect.

What photo should you upload?  If you absolutely cannot bear the thought of having your face on Twitter, you could choose your pet, a favourite view, a flower, or something that represents you. I give some examples below: Continue reading “FOUR things a Twitter beginner MUST do.”

Copy-editing: more difficult than it looks…

One thing I’ve learnt during this process is that spelling is fluid, despite what we were taught at school.

dictionary and copyeditingWhat’s so difficult about copy-editing? All you need is a dictionary, a style guide, and a red pen.

I’m working with a group of fellow Birkbeck students on our final assignment before graduation. Our task is to put together and publish a journal: 46 Square, an anthology of non-fiction pieces.

We are currently at the copy editing stage.
Copy editing? Or, is it copy-editing? Or even, copyediting? Continue reading “Copy-editing: more difficult than it looks…”

Non-Fiction anthology coming soon!

46 Square 2015 journal of non-fiction

As part of my Birkbeck studies, I am involved in publishing a collection of non-fiction stories, in a journal.

The journal is called 46 Square
and will be released on the 4th June.

Here is the provisional artwork for the cover, which I think looks great.

The aim of this module is to give us an insight into the world of publishing, including the job of production manager, editor, art director, copy-editor, proof reader, etc.

My role? Webmaster and blogger, of course!

If you want to follow our progress, please follow our blog: 46 Square: creative non-fiction.

Reading and choosing submissions has been fun. I’ve learnt how difficult it is to reject pieces. Some of the pieces we rejected were beautifully written, but not quite what we were looking for.

So now, I’ve been on the rejection process from the other side. Will it make me more sanguine about my own rejections? I’m not sure. Wait and see.