Non Fiction: Burnt out Doctor?

Arrrghhhhhh, Ruth Livingstone does an impression ofBurn OutOccasionally I write non-fiction, often of a medical variety or about a health service topic. I had a short piece published recently in Pulse Magazine, a weekly publication for doctors. The topic was Burnout. The question I had to answer, in 200 words, was this:

One of my salaried GPs seems to be suffering from burnout. How should I approach the issue, what advice should I give and what are my duties as his/her employer?

A Pulse editor approached me because someone had suggested I was an expert on burnout in GPs. I wasn’t sure why. Did they mean I was a burnt out GP? Or was I responsible for over-working and burning out my colleagues? In the end, I decided to accept it as a complement and wrote the short piece for them.

Here it is, if you’re interested, on the Pulse website – Dilemma: An employee burns out. You will need to register first.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that this piece of writing is not based on autobiographical fact. I was never a burnt out doctor!

Author: Ruth Livingstone

Walker, writer, photographer, blogger, doctor, woman, etc.

3 thoughts on “Non Fiction: Burnt out Doctor?”

  1. Hi Ruth, I signed up, and read your article. Very good. I think what you’ve written applies to industry in general too. Perhaps you should take advantage of this, and could perhaps approach another market, tweak your article, and publish again. Worth a thought if you can recycle it.


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