Olympic Torch – through Stamford

Stamford, Olympic Torch 2012, waiting crowd

The crowd waits with intense excitement. Many questions in our minds. But two are uppermost. (1) When will the Torch arrive? and (2) will the rain hold off long enough?

The police manage to keep control of an unruly crowd. Our young people are such hooligans. (Should have brought your full riot gear, officer.)

Stamford - Ruth waiting for the Olympic TorchStamford - John waiting for the Olympic Torch

Me and hubby waiting in breathless anticipation.

Stamford - Olympic torchbearerStamford - Olympic Torch Relay - over in a blur
Is it here? Yes. Quick. Now. She looks really pleased to see us. The flame is burning. The rain has held off. They are going past. Gone. All in a bit of a blur.

Time to go home.

Stamford - Olympic Torch - time to go home

Later, I learn the lovely lady who carried the torch over Stamford Town Bridge is Benedicta Ripamonti – see her comment below and read her nomination story here.

Author: Ruth Livingstone

Walker, writer, photographer, blogger, doctor, woman, etc.

3 thoughts on “Olympic Torch – through Stamford”

  1. I’m the torch bearer in your pictures!
    Thank you so much to fix me in these important event!
    It was really amazing!


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