Creative Writing at Birkbeck

Term began at 6:00pm on Monday (3rd October). I set off to catch the 4:01 train from our local station, feeling nervous, with my rucksack on my back. My husband waved goodbye as I marched down the drive and said I looked like a schoolgirl setting off on her first day at big school. (I think that was a compliment.)

Monday was incredibly warm, with a gentle breeze to prevent the day becoming too hot for comfort. The birds were singing and I felt full of joy. I have to walk to the station, catch a train, change trains, arrive at King’s Cross and walk to Birkbeck in Bloomsbury. The whole journey takes two and a half hours. Then after the evening session, I repeat the whole process to come home. It gives me plenty of time to read on the train and yesterday I was filled with excitement and enjoyed the whole experience. I wonder if I will be feeling the same way as the nights get colder and darker.

This afternoon I will be setting off for my next session. My class group is an eclectic mix of people – different backgrounds, different ages, different ages and different aspirations. I know this year is going to be wonderful and stimulating.

I just ‘proofread’ the above post and got the message ‘No writing errors were found’. You see, my writing is getting better already!

Author: Ruth Livingstone

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