Five Year Project – December Update

5 Year Writing Goal: December update

do you have goalsI’m taking part in Misha and Beth’s Five Year Project and my five-year goal is to write a novel and get it published.

It’s two years since I joined the project and I feel frustrated because I seem no closer to my goal and I’m still collecting rejections from agents. Nine in total.
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Non Fiction: Burnt out Doctor?

Arrrghhhhhh, Ruth Livingstone does an impression ofBurn OutOccasionally I write non-fiction, often of a medical variety or about a health service topic. I had a short piece published recently in Pulse Magazine, a weekly publication for doctors. The topic was Burnout. The question I had to answer, in 200 words, was this:

One of my salaried GPs seems to be suffering from burnout. How should I approach the issue, what advice should I give and what are my duties as his/her employer?

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