How blogging improved my writing.

You never know what will happen when you start publishing your thoughts to the world. Some of the unexpected outcomes are…

Blogging is a strange art.

It’s a form of self-publishing, but without the extensive editing and revision that most authors inflict on their self-published prose.

As a result, the content and quality of blog posts can be scrappy and variable. Poor grammar, dodgy spelling and clunky structure are commonplace. And, all too often, blog posts are prime examples of unrestrained egotism, being supremely uninteresting to everyone except the blogger themselves; acting more like personal diaries than public publications.

Searching for inspiration - writing prompts - Ruth Livingstone shines a light on web sites that might help.And yet, blog posts can be riveting, giving insights into topics you would not otherwise consider, and presenting intriguing snapshots of other people’s lives. The instant aspect of publishing a post also gives blogs an immediacy, a vibrancy, and a topical relevance that makes blogging more like journalism than other forms of writing. Continue reading “How blogging improved my writing.”

2014 Report Card: could do better!

The helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

It’s not doing very well, with only about 5,900 page views in 2014. If interested, you can read the full report here.

I’m not too concerned. My coastal walking blog gets far more hits, and I rarely post anything of universal interest on this site, just my latest progress (or lack of it) with my various writing assignments. My followers tend to be friends and fellow writers. Continue reading “2014 Report Card: could do better!”

15K in May: catching up with my walking blog

I spent the bank holiday weekend walking the coast in Cornwall. The weather was surprisingly good and I walked all day, every day. As a result I did very little writing.

15K in May, Ruth Livingstone, writing challengeI am using the 15KinMay challenge as an opportunity to catch up with my walking blog. I walk at a faster pace than my write-ups  and, for those who know how fast I walk, you will realise that means my write-ups are produced very slowly indeed. I am always a few days behind.

Why so slow? For each walk I’ve completed, my first task is to sort out the photographs – and I take a great many photographs. Then I have the pleasure of thinking back on the walk Continue reading “15K in May: catching up with my walking blog”

How to structure a great blog post: 5 simple steps

Great blog posts grab your attention. Here are five simple steps you can follow.

What makes a great blog post?

I think, I blog - Ruth Livingstone note bookA great blogger will grab your attention.

Yes, a good blogger will write good content, but a great blogger understands that it is not just the content of the post that matters – it’s how you present it.

We’ve all had the experience of reading the first few words of a blog Continue reading “How to structure a great blog post: 5 simple steps”

Why all writers should be bloggers.

The world is full of terrible blogs – written by people who can’t write and can barely read. The Web needs proper writers. The Web needs YOU! Here are 5 excellent reasons why all writers should be bloggers.

Blogging at a desk - Why all writers should have blogs, Ruth LivingstoneI am going to propose five excellent reasons why every writer should be a blogger. But first, I have some questions for you.

Are you a new writer?

And are you still wondering whether you should start blogging? Perhaps everybody is telling you that every writer must have a blog, but you remain unconvinced.

Let me ask you one really important question.

Do you want to be a published writer?
If the answer to that is ‘yes’, great – you should read on. Continue reading “Why all writers should be bloggers.”