Why every writer should be a blogger too

Why every writer should be a blogger too. The Virtuous Cycle and other benefits.

If you are serious about writing, you should be blogging too.

Ruth Livingstone, writer, blogger, authorFirst of all, blogging forces you to WRITE and allows you to publish your own writing instantly, The immediacy of the work and reward system create a virtuous cycle.

Virtuous Cycle: You write a blog post. You publish it.┬áPeople read it. You feel great because people have read your work. You write another blog post… etc. Continue reading “Why every writer should be a blogger too”

Stamping on the Monsters

Looking for monsters? My worst enemy is myself. But I rummaged around in my memory and pulled out my old art teacher

Early Morning Writing

A Birkbeck writing tutor recommended Dorothea Brande’s excellent book, Becoming a Writer. I found Dorothea’s exercise of early morning writing incredibly useful. It really freed up my writing ‘muscles’ and allowed me to work more productively.

More recently, the writing guru, Julia Cameron, advocated a similar practice, which she calls morning pages. When I found a copy of Julia’s book The Artist’s Way in my local Oxfam shop, I couldn’t resist buying it. Continue reading “Stamping on the Monsters”

Worst Science Fiction Book Cover Art ever?

For anyone interested in science fiction, particular old sci fi from the middle part of the twentieth century, I recommend Joachim Boaz’s blog, Science Fiction and other Suspect Ruminations.

I laughed and laughed at this post (see below). Actually, I don’t find this cover particularly offensive. Just rather silly.

Has anyone got any suggestions as to what the story might be about?
– a woman who turns into a shark at full moon?
– an alien woman who keeps a shark as a pet?
– a man meets an alien woman who bites and scratches …. (perhaps I better stop there!)

Egregious Science Fiction Cover Art: The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch (1975), Michael G. Coney I nominate the cover of Michael G. Coney's The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch (1975) as the worst I've ever seen.  I've submitted it to Good Show Sir so hopefully it gets posted on that hilarious website soon.  Kelly Freas is considered one of the best sci-fi artists of all time — but this, is there an explanation for this pathetic/sexist piece of ___? Perhaps if I knew what the book is about (the internet doesn't give me any clues) — I m … Read More

via Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

Yesterday word count =0

Just when you really get going, and nothing could possibly go wrong, life comes up and gives you a slap.

No words yesterday. Shame on me. But I had a couple of excuses.

Firstly, I was supposed to be on holiday. Unfortunately, I actually had to work on two days of this, my official holiday, week. Eventually, hubby and I decided we needed to get away from home, if only to create the impression we have really had a holiday, after all. We went to London for the day, walked along in the Thames in the sunshine and visited the National Gallery. Lovely day. Happiness quotient = 10/10, words written yesterday = 0.

Secondly, while away, picked up answer phone messages and discovered my father been readmitted to hospital for the 3rd time in two weeks. Worry value = 8/10, words written so far today = 0

Oh, and today – when I should have been writing – I started reworking my NaNoWriMo sig, see below:

Keeping myself clean, new NaNoWriMo signature