A black day

A story about a wall. Day 9 on 9/11

The building of a Wall. Mexico.

I was planning to write a funny short story today, but woke to hear the news and didn’t feel in the mood for humour. So wrote a short piece about building a wall instead.

Ironically, one of the short stories I was planning to write this month for NaNoWriMo was a dystopian fantasy. It had the following plot: Trump loses the election in the USA, comes to the UK, becomes leader of UKIP, and wins the 2020 election over here. Continue reading “A black day”

Time for some black humour

Day 8 and NaNoWriMo just got darker

pandemic-gif-500I was planning to write a light comedy piece today, similar in plot and style to a short story I wrote a few years ago, but which I intended to rewrite using a better structure.


While I was eating breakfast, a different story came to me. This one was a dark medical drama, with just a tinge of humour.

Should I stick to my original plan? Or go for the story that was now almost writing itself? Continue reading “Time for some black humour”

It’s a shame she was born a girl…

… but life is even tougher when you become a woman

doctors-daughter-500Today I wanted to explore the early life of a character I’d met in my historical novel, The Reluctant Scribe.

She is a doctor’s daughter, and her chosen name is Lin Min, which means intelligent (or clever) and from the woods. A fitting name, her father agrees. But Lin Min has just turned 16 and life is about to become complicated… Continue reading “It’s a shame she was born a girl…”

Is 750 words enough?

Can you write a very short ghost story?

branches Day 6 of NaNoWriMo and I spent the weekend away, walking and travelling, which left little time for writing.

One thing I wanted to do was write a short story – a very short story – of only 750 words. But what would the story be about? Continue reading “Is 750 words enough?”

Birth of a novella?

What do you do when short story gets too complicated?

birth of a novellaI started off writing a short story, for day 5 of NaNoWriMo #30days30shorts, and it just blossomed into something beyond my control.

2,000 words down, and I hadn’t even got to the crux of the story I had originally planned.

Actually, my main protagonist was based on a minor character in my Tang dynasty historical novel. Now I’m beginning to wonder if she can be contained in a short story or whether I need something larger… like a novella. Continue reading “Birth of a novella?”