Is 750 words enough?

Can you write a very short ghost story?

branches Day 6 of NaNoWriMo and I spent the weekend away, walking and travelling, which left little time for writing.

One thing I wanted to do was write a short story – a very short story – of only 750 words. But what would the story be about?

A chance remark by our B&B host yesterday set me off… a spooky driveway, a haunted house, and a scheming publican. Bingo.

The story is a little overlong at 813 words (ooh, how did that number 13 sneak in?) but I can lose some in the editing. Now it may be past midnight, and therefore officially day 7 of NaNo, but at least I’ve done it. #30days30shorts.

Author: Ruth Livingstone

Walker, writer, photographer, blogger, doctor, woman, etc.

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