Five Year Writing Goal: August update

I have sent my novel of for another review, to an adult historical fiction author. Here are her comments and recommendations.

Five Year Writing Goal

do you have goalsI’m taking part in Misha and Beth’s Five Year Project and my five-year goal is to write a novel and get it published. This is my update on progress this month.

Feedback on The Reluctant Scribe

I have sent my novel of for another review, to an adult historical fiction author. Overall, her comments were very positive: “you quickly drew me into this very different world and in no time I was happily living alongside your characters.”

I had asked her to comment specifically on genre and point of view, and these were her main thoughts and recommendations:

  • It’s not a children’s novel.
  • If I want to give the novel more ‘popular’ appeal, I must quicken the pace and heighten the tension in the dramatic sections.
  • But if writing for the ‘literary’ genre, I need to make the language more abstract and complex.
  • By switching to 3rd person narrator, I could keep the innocence of the child’s point of view, but escape from the restrictions of childlike language and understanding.

This advice has been sitting in my to-do box for some weeks. I am hoping for a magic flash of inspiration – following which I will see a clear way forward. But, in the meantime, we have been enjoying a very fine English summer and I have been concentrating on my long-distance walking.

Author: Ruth Livingstone

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2 thoughts on “Five Year Writing Goal: August update”

  1. Oh boy, writing. Too bad creativity can’t be something that can be turned on and off like a switch. Keep up the good work, though. It sounds like you’re on track for you goal.


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