Day 16: NaNoWriMo writing tip 7

I spent most of yesterday writing and re-writing the same scene. It is an important scene and one I wanted to get right. This morning, I went back to the same darn scene and started reworking it again. After a while, I realised I was never going to make my word count target today if I didn’t stop fiddling.

NaNo writing tip number seven

If you find yourself getting stuck on the same old scene – STOP. Move on. Write the next scene. Or skip to another part of the story, even further ahead. You can always come back later. Don’t worry about it. Just keep moving forward.

My 2013 NaNo novel is called Chasing Credit. I’m aiming for 60,000 words by the end of November.

Author: Ruth Livingstone

Walker, writer, photographer, blogger, doctor, woman, etc.

One thought on “Day 16: NaNoWriMo writing tip 7”

  1. Good to see you’re halfway there Ruth. I’m past the halfway point with my running challenge too. I’m so impressed with your own progress (while my own novel is stagnating) that I’m thinking of doing a DoDeWriMo! Maybe not the full 70,000 words but maybe 30,000! And the bit about rewriting the same scene… that’s me all over. The other day it wasn’t even the last scene I spent ages fiddling with but one at the beginning of the chapter that somehow caught my attention again!


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