15K in May: writing off to a good start

Pen and Notebook, Ruth Livingstone, writer.The challenge is to write 15 thousand words by the end of May. The words can be fiction or blog posts, new writing or editing of old work.

When I set out, I intended to write 15K of my unfinished novel. However, true to my procrastinating nature, I have written a number of different things instead.

Writing progress so far:

  • Crime fiction (Birkbeck assignment) = 999 words, after editing.
  • Blog post = 436 words

Total = 1,435 words

Author: Ruth Livingstone

Walker, writer, photographer, blogger, doctor, woman, etc.

2 thoughts on “15K in May: writing off to a good start”

  1. Blogging becomes quite addictive, doesn’t it? I enjoyed your post about the challenge and thought I’m going to do the same. With one novel and three full-length scripts on the go, there’s plenty of choice on what to write. What did I do yesterday (after swearing I wouldn’t)… write another blog post. It’s odd how blogging feels quite effortless but writing 700-800 words of anything else feels like hard work!


  2. Who said the words can be blog posts? That’s just helping you put off the WIP.. Tee hee.. The challenge is anything you need it to be. I’m sticking to words added to editing novel. Planning to catch up tomorrow. The idea for #15kinmay came out of us not finishing our novels so this challenge is supposed to go a little way towards helping us finish one.


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