Is it so VERY bad?

Very, crossed through, and written on a blackboard.Yesterday I found an interesting link via Stumble Upon. It was an article with the intriguing title, ’45 ways to avoid using the word very’, and is written by Amanda Patterson, who runs writing courses in South Africa.

Very Certainly worth taking a look at.

The challenge for writers is to avoid laziness and to choose the right words, rather than the easiest words. That can be hard when the story is flowing very easily freely and you want to get it all down very quickly hastily, before you are either interrupted or lose your mojo.

I’m very guilty of using the word ‘very’. Perhaps I use it too much? I’ll be watching out in future.

Here is a link to the original web page: ’45 ways to avoid using the word very’. You might find it very useful invaluable. (Although, you first have to forgive the very sexist blatantly sexist comment in the third quotation at the top of the page.)