15K in May: writing in the Tang Dynasty

I compared the life of my 7th Century Tang scholar to my life in the 21st Century today. It led me to ponder on the effort of being a writer in that era, how hard to become proficient in calligraphy, how expensive the basic implements and how time-consuming the process. As modern writers, aren’t our lives incomparably easier?

Ruth Livingstone - writing

Work gets in the way of writing

This week, I had a couple of busy days due to work commitments. Friday was set aside as a writing day, but I am afraid it just went by in a blur. I didn’t do any serious writing. I did, however, do hours and hours of research for my next story assignment.

Writing about the Tang Dynasty

My latest Birkbeck writing task is another exercise in genre fiction. Our assignment is to construct a 1,000 word excerpt from a historical novel and post it up on our Birkbeck intranet site.

The first big decision I had to make was to choose a place and era to set my excerpt in. I felt horribly out of my depth. I did science subjects at school, not history. What if I got some historical details incorrect? Or the wrong geographical details? So, somewhat tongue in cheek, I decided to Continue reading “15K in May: writing in the Tang Dynasty”