Why you should put the ‘you’ into your writing: 2nd person POV

Finger pointing, YOU. I am a BIG fan of the 2nd person point of view.

As a reader, it plunges you into the writing and forces you to pay attention.

As a writer, when we allow our reader to stand in the shoes of our character and to experience the world through their eyes, ears and skin, we deliver a powerful emotional experience.

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Learning from mistakes: writing my new novel

My old novel had been a monster that had threatened to eat me alive. The new novel was going to be different. I was going to tame the beast before it got the better of me.

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Giving up is hard

Notebook with red crossA couple of months ago I gave up on a novel I had been trying to write for a few years. I analysed what had gone wrong and listed some of the problems in a blog post: Why I Abandoned My Novel .

Giving up was a difficult decision to make and I spent some time convincing myself I was doing the right thing. In writing – as in anything in life – making mistakes is OK. This is how we learn. To stay cheerful, I found a great collection of quotes on learning from mistakes and many of these quotes come from some very good writers. Continue reading “Learning from mistakes: writing my new novel”