Olympic Storyteller – failing to live up to my expectations

Olympic Storyteller websiteWell, damn and blast it. After initial mad enthusiasm, I have failed dismally to update my Olympic Storyteller site with new stories.

The last story I wrote was in August. I am hanging my head in shame.

Then someone kindly pointed out the link to my profile page on the Olympic Storyteller site wasn’t working. So, for one awful moment, I thought I had been expelled from the site. But they had just moved the pages around. Whew.

I must do better…..

Olympic Storyteller – my questions for the Brownlee Brothers

Olympic storyteller, 3 questionsMy first task, as an Olympic Storyteller, was to think of 3 questions to ask the triathlete Brownlee brothers – both of whom have medal chances in the 2012 Olympics.

In the end, I thought of dozens of questions; some boring and sensible, some completely ridiculous. But I could only choose three and one had to relate to the 2012 Olympics.

Well, these were the questions I finally submitted to the Brownlee Brothers.

Here are my questions for the Brownlee brothers:
1) In preparing for the Olympics, what is the most important piece of advice that Alistair could give his younger brother, Jonny?
2) If you could be a character from fiction, who would you be?
3) If you could choose your own theme music for the medal podium, what would you choose and why?

Will my questions be chosen? I don’t know. But I look forward to seeing what others submitted and, of course, reading the answers.

1st assignment for Olympic Storytellers

Well, what questions would you ask the Brownlee brothers, British Olympic hopefuls in the triathlon? And how do I choose …?

This is my first assignment as an official Olympic Storyteller:

World champion triathletes and London 2012 medal-hopefuls, Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, have agreed to be interviewed …. send in your questions and they will pick twenty of their favourites to answer. The answers will go live on the BT Storytellers website when it launches on 14th July. You can send a maximum of three questions – one of your questions must be related to London 2012, whereas the other two can be about anything at all!

Here were some of the ideas I came up with:

  • What advice would you give my daughter (who is an amateur triathlete doing much shortened distances)?
  • Which is the hardest discipline – swimming, cycling or running?
  • If you could switch the order of events, how would you change the order and why?
  • What music would you choose to train to?
  • What food do you eat for maximum energy benefit?
  • If you could have a rest from training for a week (with no consequences), what would you do?
  • What is your favourite colour?
  • If you could choose to travel to a different planet, moon or star, where would you go?
  • How would you cope with being sex symbols?
  • Does sport unify or divide nations?
  • What achievement are you proudest of to date?
  • Who is your most feared competitor?

In reality, I chose three different questions. More later ….