Race Walking – the forgotten Olympic Sport

Let me explain why I wrote my latest Olympic Story on the topic of Race Walking.

Race Walking
1987 World Cup Trials
Some months ago I met an 82 year-old man at the communal breakfast table, while staying in a B&B on one of my walking trips. He listened attentively to my tales of walking-round-the-coast and seemed politely impressed by my achievements. Then he mentioned he had done some walking himself, in his younger days.

But it turns out that he was no ordinary countryside rambler. No. Ronald was a race walker.

Race walking? I had forgotten about this particular sport: a gruelling race where the competitors walk as fast as they can without running, and adopt a curious hip rolling gait so as to achieve maximum speed while never allowing both feet to leave the ground at the same time. Continue reading “Race Walking – the forgotten Olympic Sport”

Telling Stories – Olympic style.

TEAMWORK was the challenge set. Despite being chosen to be an Olympic Storyteller, I really have very little personal interest in sports. How do I set about writing a story on teamwork with a sporting theme?

Ruth Livingstone's page on BT Olympic Storyteller site Connection was the topic for the latest Olympic Storyteller challenge.

I have to confess, despite being chosen to be an Olympic Storyteller, I really have very little personal interest in sports. And when I do something sporting, I usually choose an activity where my efforts are solitary. Not for me the team spirit of the hockey field, netball court or relay race. I am more inclined to go for long walks on my own, ski a slope in splendid isolation, or play a game against a computer opponent.

So Connection? How do I set about writing a story on the connecting power of sport? Continue reading “Telling Stories – Olympic style.”

Olympic Storyteller – failing to live up to my expectations

Olympic Storyteller websiteWell, damn and blast it. After initial mad enthusiasm, I have failed dismally to update my Olympic Storyteller site with new stories.

The last story I wrote was in August. I am hanging my head in shame.

Then someone kindly pointed out the link to my profile page on the Olympic Storyteller site wasn’t working. So, for one awful moment, I thought I had been expelled from the site. But they had just moved the pages around. Whew.

I must do better…..

Do you want to carry the Torch?

Paralympic Torch Relay

BT has launched its public nomination process for the Paralympic Torch Relay, giving you the chance to carry the flame in August ahead of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. If you’d like to submit your team of five, or nominate a team who you think are worthy of the honour, then visit http://www.btlondon2012.co.uk/torch-form.php to get more details and to apply online.

Nominations close on 20th January 2012.

First story up … on the Olympic Storyteller site

Yes, my first ‘story’ is up on the Olympic Storyteller site.

‘But that’s not a “story”!’ I hear you cry. No, this is not a work of fiction. And, making a wild guess here, I reckon that BT are not sponsoring us Olympic Storytellers because they wanted prize-winning fiction writers. No, they are after ‘stories’ that relate to, or comment on, the events surrounding the London 2012 Olympics.

Thinking of the stories I wanted to tell, I decided to ………

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