References have been requested …

My application for the MA in creative writing has been received and references have been requested. I mustn’t read too much into this. I think they request automatically and, if I remember, I ticked the box that asked for an email to be sent to my referees. I must keep my expectations low for the moment.

11,000 and rising

Woke up this morning in a great mood. Yes, 11 thousand words – and a plot to go with them. No stopping me now!

Then I made the foolish mistake of re-reading the beginning of the story. Oh dear. What a load of utter rubbish. Why am I bothering? After a very strong coffee, and a stiff inner talking to, I decide to carry on. Nobody is going to read this. Its just an exercise in unfettered creativity. Keep going….

A plot, a plot, my kingdom for a plot…

My word count on NaNoWrMo is approaching 8,000. But I woke up this morning, certain that a plot would have formed in my head, only to be disappointed. Plenty of ideas – twists, turns, situations, etc. But how to thread them all together.

I sit down with a large sheet of paper and do a Mind Map. Now, it becomes clearer. Yes, I know where this is going.