What next sign, ruth livingstoneMy final Open University assignment is submitted. Marking awaited. And no, somewhat to my own surprise, I did not leave it up to the last-minute, but submitted with 24 hours to spare.

Feel a bit lost now. What next?

I’m doing a 3 day course in ‘Short Story Writing’ at Knuston Hall in September. That’s next.

In October, I start at Birkbeck. Four years of part-time study, leading to a B.A. degree in Creative Writing. Can’t wait!

Lost in Africa

Lost in Africa! How foolish. What a great story. Then they ran out of petrol.

The picture prompt for the Six Minute story today is a herd of deer, of some sort, in the mist.

deer in the fog The photo is by Siddy Lam on Flickr. It is taken in India, not Africa.

I had just read a short story about Africa, so I had Africa on my mind. The story is just a beginning really. I couldn’t get my brain in gear quickly enough to work out a good ending.

Lost in Africa

Mist and fog everywhere.

It had started off as a beautiful African day. 30 degree heat and so they only wore shorts and t-shirts and packed a few sandwiches. No point taking unnecessary baggage, they told themselves. This is an impromptu safari. Let’s be adventurous.

Then the fog came down. They weren’t expecting this. And the track just sort of faded out. Bumping over grass in the battered 4×4, they could see no familiar landmarks, nothing to lead them back to the road.

They were cheerful and amused at first. Lost in Africa! How foolish. What a great story. Then they ran out of petrol.

Shhh. They wind down the window, hoping to hear the noise of traffic.

There is only silence.

Then the deer arrived, silent and elegant. Not much help though. Deer can’t give directions. Deer can’t call for help.

Their mobile phones are dead. How we take technology for granted; until it stops working.

They eat the last of the sandwiches, saving their water carefully, and huddle together for warmth. It is getting dark. In the distance, they hear the roaring of a lion.

Ray Bradbury & Write 1 Sub 1

How about this for a New Year resolution?
Write a short story and submit it for publication, every week, for a year.

Here is Ray Bradbury talking about his early days as a writer.

Can we follow in Ray Bradbury’s footsteps? Continue reading “Ray Bradbury & Write 1 Sub 1”

Microfiction Assignment 20101216

One of the challenges I have accepted, is to undertake assignments posted on the Microfiction Assignment web page.

Whether I will be able to keep this up, every day, is another matter!

Today’s assignment is as follows:

Given the character of a body builder, write a story in the overheard on public transportation genre, using the subject a short debate and the theme bizarre happenings. If you feel extra creative, use no words (besides articles and pronouns) shorter than five letters.

Your word limit is 65 words.

Well, not exactly easy. I did my best, see below.

Mounting the platform with an effortless stride, his muscular presence fills the double-decker. The pretty conductor approaches, hesitantly.

“Single or return?”

“Not single!”

“I meant your ticket.”

“Please don’t leave me.”

“Control your emotions for the safety and comfort of other passengers.”

“My heart is breaking.”

“It’s the hormones. You’ll feel better tomorrow.”

He leaps off the moving platform before we reach the next stop.