A plot, a plot, my kingdom for a plot…

My word count on NaNoWrMo is approaching 8,000. But I woke up this morning, certain that a plot would have formed in my head, only to be disappointed. Plenty of ideas – twists, turns, situations, etc. But how to thread them all together.

I sit down with a large sheet of paper and do a Mind Map. Now, it becomes clearer. Yes, I know where this is going.

Desperately seeking a plot.

NaNoWriMo word count is rising steadily. Great. I am telling the story from the POV (Point of View) of the main character as a first person narrative. My characters are alive and kicking. The words are flowing. But wait! What about the plot? What is going to happen? To who? Where? When? I am going to sleep on it and hope the solution comes to my unconscious mind during the night.

Still writing …

Onto the second chapter. So far, so good. Am resisting the urge to re-read and re-write. Got to keep going.

Inspired by sudden creativity, I have decided to enroll in a some sort of creative writing course. Did a quick internet search last night and found The University of Nottingham has a new MA in creative writing. Have applied. Am I mad? I stand no chance of getting in, do I?