Ohhh, we’re half way there. Oh Oh. Living on a prayer.

Yes. 25,000 words have been done. I am singing the Bon Jovi song in my head.

And the plot is progressing. But I am beginning to feel worried, not about the word count, but about getting the story right. There are so many things happening now, I am conscious of trying to keep the plot in order, getting the time lines right, not leaving loose threads, etc.

It would be dangerous now to begin editing, or reworking, earlier parts of the story. I am resisting the temptation as much as I can. But I have gone back and added a few sentences to earlier chapters, in order to assimilate some of the later happenings into the earlier storyline.

Excuse me. Back to work. Only 25,000 words to go …..

6000 words behind schedule

After 3 days of non-writing, massive catch up today. Still 6000 words behind schedule but am motoring on. And the plot is becoming more exciting…..

How is my MA application going? Well, I have had an email asking for a sample of my written work, no more than 5000 words of fiction. After some agonising, I have decided to submit a sample from my current NaNoWriMo project. It may not be polished, but it has vigour and immediacy to the writing. The alternative is a short story I have been working on, but that has been edited to death and only comes to over 1,000 words. So NaNoWriMo it is.

References have been requested …

My application for the MA in creative writing has been received and references have been requested. I mustn’t read too much into this. I think they request automatically and, if I remember, I ticked the box that asked for an email to be sent to my referees. I must keep my expectations low for the moment.

Still writing …

Onto the second chapter. So far, so good. Am resisting the urge to re-read and re-write. Got to keep going.

Inspired by sudden creativity, I have decided to enroll in a some sort of creative writing course. Did a quick internet search last night and found The University of Nottingham has a new MA in creative writing. Have applied. Am I mad? I stand no chance of getting in, do I?