How to structure a great blog post: 5 simple steps

Great blog posts grab your attention. Here are five simple steps you can follow.

What makes a great blog post?

I think, I blog - Ruth Livingstone note bookA great blogger will grab your attention.

Yes, a good blogger will write good content, but a great blogger understands that it is not just the content of the post that matters – it’s how you present it.

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Creative Writing Prompts

Writers all need a little help sometimes and, to get your creative thoughts whirling, I have rounded up eight of the best prompt sites on the Internet.

Searching for inspiration - writing prompts - Ruth Livingstone shines a light on web sites that might help.

Prompts for writers

Waiting for inspiration to strike?
Stuck in front of a blank page?
Staring at a white screen?
Need some help?
Read on…
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Why all writers should be bloggers.

The world is full of terrible blogs – written by people who can’t write and can barely read. The Web needs proper writers. The Web needs YOU! Here are 5 excellent reasons why all writers should be bloggers.

Blogging at a desk - Why all writers should have blogs, Ruth LivingstoneI am going to propose five excellent reasons why every writer should be a blogger. But first, I have some questions for you.

Are you a new writer?

And are you still wondering whether you should start blogging? Perhaps everybody is telling you that every writer must have a blog, but you remain unconvinced.

Let me ask you one really important question.

Do you want to be a published writer?
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