Dorothea Brande and Morning Pages

Cover of Becoming a Writer by Dorothea BrandeOnce upon a time, a writing tutor called Dorothea Brande sat down and wrote a book to help people become writers. She did this because she believed there was a ‘sort of writer’s magic’ and that it was teachable. The book she wrote was called Becoming a Writer and was short and conversational in style. It became a must-have classic.

Becoming a Writer is not designed to be a comprehensive how-to-write manual. Dorothea doesn’t talk about style, or grammar, or structure, or plotting, or dialogue, or how to create great characters. No. This book is intended for those ‘who hope to write’.

Dorothea believes you have to get certain things right first. The technical instruction of writing must come later.

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Iain Banks

Just been listening to Iain Banks, in a Q and A session on the
Unbound blog site.

He is a great science fiction writer and has found success in both the world of science fiction and the world of literary fiction (two genres normally divided by millions of light years of empty space). It is fascinating, both listening to his reading and, even more so, listening to the answers he gives to questions. You can hear his enthusiasm and his imagination – simply bursting with ideas.

I particularly liked the part, right at the end, where he says:

I do read science, but I simply dispense with it when it gets in the way of a good story ….. shameless, I know.

Ray Bradbury writes about writing.

Farewell Summer ends with an Afterword, in which Ray Bradbury writes about his approach to writing. Fascinating stuff. I have just selected a few nuggets. If you want more, you will have to read the book yourself.

Ruth Livingstone blog post.
Photo of Ray Bradbury by Alan Light
I have just finished reading Farewell Summer, by the great master, Ray Bradbury.

(If you are interested in my thoughts about this novel, read my review on Ruthless Reading)

The book ends with an Afterword, in which Ray Bradbury writes about his approach to writing. For me, this was fascinating stuff. I have just selected a few nuggets from the Afterword. If you want more, you will have to Continue reading “Ray Bradbury writes about writing.”

Ray Bradbury & Write 1 Sub 1

How about this for a New Year resolution?
Write a short story and submit it for publication, every week, for a year.

Here is Ray Bradbury talking about his early days as a writer.

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