Tried it. Read it. Done it. Survived

Yesterday evening I joined an enthusiastic group of student poets in Cambridge House, Camberwell. This was a reading-aloud poetry evening, part of Birkbeck University’s ‘Try It!’ programme. The theme for the evening was ‘Journeys’.

I am not sure if any actual members of the public were there – the audience seemed to consist mainly of poets and their friends. But it was a great evening with a wide range of fantastic poems, and I really enjoyed listening to other people’s work.

Some of us were natural performers. Some of us were more not. Some were confident. Some were nervous. But everyone did really well and nobody messed up.

Highlights: a wonderfully funny poem about life as a ceiling fan in a cheap hotel, an accusatory rap-style poem about a man-stealing rival, a delicious recipe for a day out with friends, a nostalgic poem about a guitar, a tale of whales, a sad ode to a homeless man, a creepy tale about what happens if you stray off the path in an old graveyard, and many more ……

Low points: not being able to get the top off the water bottle and being forced to drink wine instead! (Life is tough sometimes.)

And how did my two poems go?
O.K. I think.

Would I do it again?

Author: Ruth Livingstone

Walker, writer, photographer, blogger, doctor, woman, etc.

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